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Payment methods

the payment types available are::

  • Bank transfer. (Orders will be shipped after confirmation of payment of the same)
  • On delivery.
Shipping costs

Delivery fees are not included in our prices and will be communicated to users at the time of order.


It initiates the process of order in www.pro4matic.com through STORE ONLINE.
To more open the detailed information of the model of its preference, click on the photo. If to want to buy the corresponding part, places it in its TO ADD to the HAMPER. It will go to have to a window with the description of the product that wants to order. Now it has two options: or click in SHOWING HAMPER to accomplish its order, filling the asked for data and following the payment instructions, or click in CONTINUING PURCHASES to add to its HAMPER OF PURCHASES other products that want to order. Later, it repeats the steps previously described.

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